The Top 10 Books I Read This Year

I did a cumulative post about the books I have read this year in mid-November. However, I wanted to highlight my favourite reads of the bunch in fiction and non fiction. (Minus my client’s work, of course.) They did not all come out this year, but many did. Get a taste of my interests below! My favourite fictionContinue reading “The Top 10 Books I Read This Year”

Do you write down every book you read? I do!

Early 2010 I started writing down all the books I read. Partly to see how many books I read in a year–but also to remind myself in case I forget… In the past year I have read–on top of all the reading I do for my clients and the submissions I read–41 books! For thoseContinue reading “Do you write down every book you read? I do!”