Manuscript Wishlist Summer 2014

Guess what? I’m ready to be at my desk reading all summer! Here is an updated manuscript wishlist for my slush pile. Send me your work! Please send me the following fiction manuscripts: Women’s fiction, commercial, historical, suspense or upmarket  (i.e. Meg Mitchell Moore, Jojo Moyes, Sarah Jio, Allison Winn Scotch, Nichole Bernier, Meg Donohue,Continue reading “Manuscript Wishlist Summer 2014”

Manuscript Wishlist May 2014

Here is an updated manuscript wishlist for my slush pile. Please send me: Women’s fiction, commercial, historical or upmarket  (i.e. THE ARRIVALS, GIRLS IN WHITE DRESSES and THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND) Upmarket fiction like THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU and SEATING ARRANGEMENTS Literary coming of age novels like ARCADIAContinue reading “Manuscript Wishlist May 2014”

New Year, New Wish List for 2014

What I’m looking for in 2014: While what I’m looking for isn’t that different from month to month or year to year. (I’m just looking for great storytelling!) Here is a detailed list of my interests for the start of this year. In no particular order: Women’s fiction – contemporary, up-market, or historical (Example: The Yonahlossee RidingContinue reading “New Year, New Wish List for 2014”

2012 Query Stats and My 2013 Wishlist

Another year, another query stats update! Queries received: Approximately 6,000 (Yes, we look at all of them…) Partial manuscript requests: 189 (I looked at a lot of partials because I was building my list. Anything that I thought had potential to be a fit with me I requested.) Full manuscript requests: 30 (These were the selectContinue reading “2012 Query Stats and My 2013 Wishlist”