What To Do When You Sit Down To Pitch Your Novel In-Person

After attending conferences around North America for the past 6 years I’ve seen an array of pitching techniques. Some good. Some…not so good. I get it. It’s not easy to pitch your book (your creative project that’s been on your mind for months if not years) to someone sitting in front of you, especially when theContinue reading “What To Do When You Sit Down To Pitch Your Novel In-Person”

Which pitch has the most potential? Slush pile, in-person or online contest?

I get asked this question often. Writers want to make the most of their time and talent. Querying is a part in your writing career that is fraught with stress, expectation, and worry–oh wait, this sounds like the entire length of a writing career! Jokes aside, the decisions you make to start your career haveContinue reading “Which pitch has the most potential? Slush pile, in-person or online contest?”

DFW Con: See you this weekend!

Dallas Fort Worth Writers: I’m coming your way! This weekend I’ll be at the following conference events: Ask An Agent Session 2 Dawn Frederick, Michelle Johnson, Lana Popovic, Christopher Rhodes, Carly Watters 1:00 to 1:45 p.m.  Sunday There are a lot of opinions out there about to how to become a traditionally published author. Everyone’sContinue reading “DFW Con: See you this weekend!”

How to Pitch an Agent in Person

I’m back from two wonderful writers conferences: Missouri Writers’ Guild (in St. Louis) and Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc (in Oklahoma City). After whirlwind back-to-back weekends of pitch sessions I share some of my top tips for pitching agents in person: You are the best advocate for your own work. So pitch me looking me inContinue reading “How to Pitch an Agent in Person”