What is the job of a writer? Being honest.

What is the job of a writer? To sell tons of copies? To win awards? To write a book a year? To make a living? To teach others how to write? To finish a novel? To SELL a novel? From my point of view, yes, your job as a professional writer is to sell copiesContinue reading “What is the job of a writer? Being honest.”

Why Writers Must Be Readers

I often get asked, how does someone become a better writer? My answer is always to read more, more, more. Here are the reasons why writers must be voracious readers: Attention to detail – People who read a lot learn grammar, spelling, dialogue and more from books. Knowing what’s going on in your genre –Continue reading “Why Writers Must Be Readers”

Which author’s career do you want to model yours after?

I ask this question of my authors from time to time. Not to duplicate someone else’s path, but to emulate their successful trajectory and get a good idea of where they think their own career is going–and to make sure this matches my vision for their career. Examples Margaret Atwood: Writer of serious nonfiction, fiction,Continue reading “Which author’s career do you want to model yours after?”

Why Winning Awards Helps Author Recognition

In the spirit of awards season I want to delve into the facts behind literary prizes, how they help sell nominated copies, build author brands, generate publicity, sell backlist editions and how rising writers can use this information to their advantage. The biggest literary prize is arguably the Man Booker Prize whose shortlist was announcedContinue reading “Why Winning Awards Helps Author Recognition”